HYD Testimonial

"Dr. Holthouse very likely saved my life!"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) We genuinly agree that Dr. Holthouse very likely saved my life! The supplements and prescriptions I've been taking have completely turned my labs around - to the point that my chronological age is going backwards! His staff is so accessible and thoughtful. We feel confident and grateful that Dr. H is invested in our welfare 100%. There is quite a bit of work that I need to do to reach my goals, but I'm confident Dr. H has given me the tools to arrive at a healthy place! Thank you again for your care and expertise. 

Leigh & Alyse
"Hands down best physician!"

Dr. Mark Holthouse is hands down the best physician I've had - ever. He loves his work and listens to his patients. There are no 7 minute appointments in his office. I drive an hour to get to my appointments and his exceptional knowledge and wisdom make it worth every mile. I've been with him since 2014 and every year we see improvement in my health because he gets to the root cause of any issue. He is what I wish I had in all my medical professionals - up to date with the latest research, available, dedicated and personable.

Kathleen B
"Mold Diagnosis Success"

Usually very healthy and full of energy, I was very upset when I started not feeling good and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. Just from reading medical literature and being interested in natural medicine, I found Dr. Holthouse through internet. After consultations and some tests he and his staff kept insisting that it is environmental sickness and I should check my house for mold. I did not want to believe that my fairly new and lovely house, could have anything bad in it. Well, I thought I will just have a good look and rule that out. A tiny brown mark on my molding drew my attention and I called my builder. Sure enough, there was a leak by one of the windows and it only happened in winter when bad storms came. Builder repaired the leak, under the warranty, saving me tens thousands of dollars if I would of waited longer and the warranty was out. Dr. Holthouse prescribed a protocol for me to follow along with various supplements/medications to take. It took a wile but ...

"This program worked!"

(Help Your Diabetes) This program worked for me as prescribed. Dina was a great coach! It is a life style change for us and I wish I had taken a diet approach from the time I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 

David F.
"Very supportive, compassionate, and effective"

Dr. Holthouse has been our family doctor for many years. I appreciate that he takes the time to really know his patients and offers alternatives rather than just pushing pills. The mindset of this clinic, in looking for root causes rather than just addressing symptoms, is very supportive, compassionate and effective. I highly recommend Dr. Holthouse and the True Health Center for Functional Medicine to all my clients and friends!

"Always warm and accessible"

Marc and the rest of the staff are always warm and accessible. Marc asks me what is on my mind about my health, to include that with the professionals' opinions. Marc is a willing and articulate teacher about health care matters. He is also willing to share from his own life when invited to do so. Also efficient work from one of the assistants, I don't remember her name, in drawing blood for me. Thanks to all!