HYD Testimonial

"Dr. Burke's experience and expertise is much appreciated"

(Kristine Burke, MD) Terrific report of findings with Dr. Burke. I'm looking forward to digging into all the data and following her recommendations. Makes a lot of sense and I'm sure there will some good improvements. Dr. Burke's experience and expertise is much appreciated. Nice to have evidence based guidance. A big upgrade over trying different things to see how things change.

"Dr. Burke's Knowledge is Refreshing"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) Great medical practice. Dr. Burke's personal attention to detail and explanation to my questions is greatly appreciated. I'm so grateful I found Dr. Burke. Her enthusiasm and knowledge is refreshing as we dig through years of health issues I could not find solutions or causes for years.

Mary Lou P
"Everyone in the practice is great!"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) I can't fully express how much I have appreciated your care, concern, thoroughness, personal interest, and your generosity of your time. Everyone in your practice - Marc, Christina, Victoria, Kenny - all who have been so warm and have put so much into making me, both, pay attention to my health and genuinly important to you all. I have enjoyed being at your office - you have my everlasting affection. 

Laurie B.
"Great staff!"

I am a patient of Dr. Holthouse, I wanted to compliment Shelby Anderson on the work she is doing as Medical Assistant for Dr. Holthouse. My situation, as anyone's is when you suffer from chronic illness is complex, I really appreciate Shelby's attention to detail, her promptness to get things done, and kind demeanor. It's much easier to deal with your illness with the right support. 

Heidi W.
"I Lost 62lbs on HYD!"

I was successful on the Help Your Diabetes Program. I enjoyed the recipes and the support of Dr. Burke and my coach, Dina. On the program, I was able to get off all medication (Lisinopril, Insulin, Glipizide and Metformin) and lost 62 pounds.

Jim H.
"Staff is great!"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) I had my doubts in the beginning of feeling better and losing weight. The staff is great! Christina LoBue and Dina Frazier kept telling me to stick to it! They gave me ideas and methods that worked. Dr. Holthouse inspired me and gave me the strength to complete the plan. The magic was just staying on course and converting to a life style rather than a simple change of a diet. I am still living the new life style we created. I know what you are thinking; "it can not work for me," but I have to tell you I have been on cruise ships, parties, or those breakfasts at work where they only bring donuts and Honey Buns. I have two hard boiled eggs and my protein drink for breakfast and an apple mid morning. I follow the plan and I feel great all day! I also gave up coffee the very first day and have never looked back. Now my days are full of energy and without the ups and downs I used to experience.

P. Patterson