HYD Testimonial

"Staff is great!"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) I had my doubts in the beginning of feeling better and losing weight. The staff is great! Christina LoBue and Dina Frazier kept telling me to stick to it! They gave me ideas and methods that worked. Dr. Holthouse inspired me and gave me the strength to complete the plan. The magic was just staying on course and converting to a life style rather than a simple change of a diet. I am still living the new life style we created. I know what you are thinking; "it can not work for me," but I have to tell you I have been on cruise ships, parties, or those breakfasts at work where they only bring donuts and Honey Buns. I have two hard boiled eggs and my protein drink for breakfast and an apple mid morning. I follow the plan and I feel great all day! I also gave up coffee the very first day and have never looked back. Now my days are full of energy and without the ups and downs I used to experience.

P. Patterson
"Thorough and helpful"

I truly appreciate the time taken to be thorough and helpful. I also like being treated respectfully at all times by the staff. Thank you for providing excellent medical care.

"Victoria is great!"

(Victoria Wenz, Health Coach) Victoria is great!!! She is very intuitive and really helps me to get at the root of my habits that can use improvement!!!

"Would Follow Dr. Burke Anywhere"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) We would follow Dr. Burke pretty much anywhere. We know she is an exceptional doctor. Her staff knowing our family and our needs and being available whenever we need them is most important to our family.

"Amazing Quality of Care"

The quality of care at your facility is amazing. I appreciate all the education that is shared so I can be proactive in my own health. Having a personal health team that are all so dedicated to the care and compassion of their clients has made my experience wonderful. The fact that you all are in the loop about my personal case and there to assist one another and me has taken a lot of the burden off my shoulders so I can focus on what is important, taking care of my health needs. Thank you all for showing me what quality health care really is! I had no idea until now. Much gratitude!

"Best Quality of Medical Care"

I always receive the best quality of medical care in a friendly atmosphere.