HYD Testimonial

"Michael V"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) My carotid plaques decreased by 50%, carotid artery age improved by 17%, plus I had a 56% improvement in LDL particle # over a 12 month period.

Michael V
"Pushes Beyond Minimal Care of Most Health Systems"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) I appreciate the multiple resources Dr. Holthouse uses to diagnose and follow my overall health, his use of new technology, and his continuing education. I also respect the dedication he focuses on his patients and am grateful to have access to a physician who is committed to pushing beyond the minimal care that most health delivery systems provide. Thanks to Dr. Holthouse, I have a better understanding of the connectedness of my own health issues.

"Reversed my plaque buildup!"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) This program totally reversed the plaque buildup in my carotid arteries, potentially saving my life! My once high cholesterol is now at the optimal goal and my inflammatory markers for cardiovascular disease are now normalized.

Jonathan L
"The Right Place ... I've Looked for 10 Years"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) This practice was what I had been looking for for almost 10 years. My "diagnosis" from traditional medicine came with no possibility of my ever getting better - at most, I was offered prescriptions to treat my symptoms, but the side effects of these medications were numerous and often resulted in more new problems. While this might not be the practice for someone looking for a overnight magic pill for every ailment, it is the right place for those willing to become partners with their providers and to put in the work necessary to create lifestyle changes which can result in better health and quality if life.

"Attention to Detail is Appreciated"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) Great medical practice and team. Dr. Burke's personal attention to detail and explanation to my questions are greatly appreciated. I'm so grateful I found Dr. Burke. Her enthusiasm and knowledge is refreshing as we dig through years of health issues I could not find solutions or causes for. I found out many of my issues resulted from damaging prescriptions that could be fixed naturally.

Mary Lou P
"Artery Age Is Younger"

(Mark Holthouse, M.D., FAAFP) My artery age is 18% younger in the short time I've been on Dr. Holthouse's program.

Dori C