Soup For The Soul Cooking Class

September 27, 2018

Thursday, September 27

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Lifestyle Annex

4921 Golden Foothill Pkwy

El Dordado Hills, CA

You don’t need a recipe to make hearty, yummy, nourishing, soup, a great one-pot meal. We’ll learn a quick, practically fool-proof formula that will let you whip up a batch far better than any over-salted, processed canned soup. Starting with fresh produce, savoring the best of the fall and winter foods and including some super-foods - that's the key. You’ll be ready to face the cool weather, warm up from the inside, and get that color back in your cheeks.

This class is for chefs of all levels! Bring your friends or family members and learn some amazing recipes that are easily duplicated at home. Taste some deliciously fresh produce that are good for the body and good for the soul.

This class is taught by Kerin Gould, PhD who owns her own CSA certified farm, meaning the produce is the best of the best and grown to contain cancer fighting antioxidants and other illness/disease fighting nutrients. Kerin creates her own simple recipes that are easy to make and abundant in flavor. You can see her personal story and drive for nutrition on her website.

Each ticket includes one farm fresh produce box with delectable produce straight from Kerin's farm. It's like going to the farmer's market but we're bringing the farmer to you!

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