Welcome our new team members!

October 02, 2017

We are happy to announce two new additions to our team! We have Melissa Concha, Certified Health Coach and Cassandra Avina, Medical Assistant. Both will be assisting you in obtaining your wellness goals by providing you with their professional tools and knowledge. Now let's meet our new team members!


Melissa began her career towards becoming a Certified Health Coach by looking to improve her personal health. Finding a drive in nutrition and fitness, her results attracted others who wanted to improve their own health. Melissa quickly noticed she had a talent for motivating and inspiring others to reach their health goals and pursued her certification as a Health Coach in 2015. Teaching and inspiring others feeds her soul and she sees becoming a Health Coach as her soul career. An advocate for Functional Medicine, Melissa wants to share the immense health benefits health coaching offers with you. When Melissa is not inspiring others she finds solace in nature and loves spending time with her family. She has begun growing her own food in her backyard of her hometown, Apple Hill.

Cassandra has over 15 years of Medical Assistant experience. She is already well versed in Functional Medicine and the level of care patients have come to know, trust, and expect. She holds an interest in helping patients feel better with a more natural approach and assisting them in better understanding their bodies on what they need to achieve optimal health.

Cassandra became passionate for medicine after a traumatic event in her family. Her brother, at 17, collapsed on the baseball diamond from a heart complication, unknown prior to the event. Luckily, he was revived and healed fully. From then on, Cassandra decided to pursue her career with knowledge and drive. In her spare time, she and her family enjoy connecting with nature through hiking on the beach, exploring the surrounding hiking trails, and anticipating fishing season.

Join us in welcoming Melissa and Cassandra to our team and say hello next time you’re in the office! They are excited to meet you and be a valuable component in your wellness journey.

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