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Don’t Blame “Aging”

Using traditional and functional medicine, we listen to you and your body to find ways to get you feeling good again.

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Achieve True Health!

Use the power of personalized medicine to understand how your genetics, your environment and your lifestyle impact your health.

A Healthy Life Starts Now, Personal Healthcare Starts Here.

Are Meds The Only Answer?

Don’t just name it, blame it and take meds to tame it…find the root cause and reclaim your health.

A Healthy Life Starts Now, Personal Healthcare Starts Here.

Metabolic Detox Class

Join us for our quarterly metabolic detox class! Great way to kick start a weight loss journey, help get rid of bloat, boost energy levels and so many more health benefits. Do a reboot to your body to feel your best self.

A Healthy Life Starts Now, Personal Healthcare Starts Here.


We're dedicated to healing you from the inside out to ensure the foundation of your health is at its best. Our team approach is designed to help you from multiple angles to support your wellness journey.

Conditions We Address

True answers. True relationships. True healthcare

Achieve True Health through the power of personalized medicine


Kristine Burke, MD and staff welcome you to the True Health Center for Functional Medicine. We believe that your health is your most valuable asset and we work with you to manage this asset so you can live your life to its fullest. We are available when you need us and serve as your trusted medical advisors, partnering with you on the path to optimal health and well being.

Functional Medicine is an individualized health care approach to treating and preventing disease. By identifying and addressing the root cause of an individual's disease or dysfunction, we can eliminate the symptoms of that disease and create or restore that person's health.

Our state-of-the-art practice delivers this optimal care approach through improved services and innovative technologies that emphasize disease prevention and wellness. We would be honored to serve you in your quest to optimize your health and enjoy more good years.

Are you ready to feel better?

Experience True Health Care...

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Where MemberS Matter
Personalized Medicine

We take the time to dig deep into your health history, address your unique concerns, and identify how various factor...

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Care That Fits Your Life
Complete Convenience and Access

Waiting weeks for an appointment, spending way too much time in the waiting room, and dealing with office staff that...

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Members Taking Control of Their Health
Unmatched Support & Education

Check out our free resources like educational downloads, eye-opening blog posts and healthy recipes.

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Where Great Practitioners Can Do Their Best Work
Our Practitioners Are Certified in Family Medicine AND Functional Medicine.

Our physicians are not only board certified in Family Medicine but have also completed at least three years of experience...

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