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Virtual Clinic Services

(You do not need to be a member of our practice to participate)

Our commitment to care for you during this pandemic extends from helping you learn how you can arm your immune system to prevent COVID-19 illness from your home, to how you can maximize your immune system if you are already symptomatic. It all starts with an intake visit to assess your needs!
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Here is an outline of the process:

1. An initial provider consultation visit over video for the provider to determine whether you need Active Surveillance because you have symptoms or Prevention to help keep you well. This assessment has three parts:

1. An Artificial Intelligence-driven COVID-19 risk measurement
2. A thorough assessment of symptoms and critical quarantine lifestyle factors
3. Set-up of remote symptom tracking if needed (for infected and/or symptomatic patients)

2. Analysis of your quarantine lifestyle report to produce a prioritized lifestyle and nutrition-based risk mitigation plan and supplement prescription.

3. Coordination of two types of in-home testing when needed:

1. An Immune Defense Lifestyle Risk Assessment lab panel collected at home by a simple finger stick.
2. Video supervised Home-collection for COVID-19 testing, if needed. We will remotely supervise the sample collection over video.

4. Virtual visit over video to review lab results and support participants through the process.

5. Remote monitoring of symptoms using a mobile symptom logging tool that enables you to send your symptom log to our office every day during illness.

6. For participants whose symptoms continue to progress, we will help you monitor important health metrics and provide guidance on when to seek hospital care.

The clinical services of the recommended program are packaged as a bundled episode of care with separate lab pricing.

- Active Surveillance Pathway:  for symptomatic and/or infected patients, this episode of care runs for one month to allow sufficient time for symptoms to resolve.
- Prevention Pathway: for patients seeking active preventive measures, the program is designed for a two-month window.

COMING SOON: A back-to-work program to provide antibody testing and other assistance for safely getting back to work.

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