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Our patients feel enthusiastic about the care they receive!

The time pressures of our overcrowded healthcare system have reduced medicine to little more than reactive body repair work. You present your doctor with a complaint. Your doctor presents you with a pill. Unfortunately, if you wait for a symptom, the disease is often difficult, expensive, or even impossible to resolve.

In reality, a symptom is a clue, not a diagnosis. Symptoms merely point to other, potentially more significant problems. If we identify and correct the root cause of the symptom, we resolve not only the complaint, but also the underlying health risk. This is the heart of our approach to optimizing your health.

Our practice focuses on early detection and search thoroughly for disease ahead of any symptoms. We utilize advanced lab testing to look for vascular disease and cancer. We go beyond “standards of care” to bring proven medical innovations to True Health members years before most patients will ever hear of them. Our goal is to close the long gap between when the research establishes a benefit and when conventional medicine embraces a new idea or technology. That gap separates you from the best in modern medicine.

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