HYD Testimonial

"Dr. Burke treats the whole person"

(Kristine Burke, MD) I just love that Dr. Burke is interested in treating the whole person and especially understands a ton more than a "regular" doctor. In particular the importance of vitamin supplementation to balance the body under stress and also some of the genetic stuff. Other doctors place far too much emphasis on prescribing drugs (which may have their place at times) when all is needed is a better lifestyle.

"Help Your Diabetes Testimonial"

I saw an ad on television talking about Certified Functional Medicine and I had never heard of this practice before and I was dubious but thought I would give it a try. I went to one of their meetings and it sounded pretty good so I thought I would give it a try. Within two weeks my blood sugar was showing some improvement, within a week month I didn't have to take insulin shot every day and within six weeks i wasn't using insulin at all. So what Dr. Kristine Burke, MD said at that first meeting was true, their program can reverse Type 2 Diabetes they can with their True Health plan. I want to thank Dr. Burke and her staff for their good nature and devotion. A quote, "Do all good you can, By all the means you can, In all ways you can, In all the places you can, At all times you can, As long as ever you can." - John Wesley Keep it up Dr. Burke!

Charles C.
"Saved my life!"

I credit Dr. Burke for saving my life!! She is an amazing Doctor and you can’t go wrong by choosing her!!

"Dr. Burke Way Ahead of the Curve"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) I love the fact that it's "treat the illness, not the symptoms." I was talking to another person about the treatment that I was receiving and they were shocked that Dr. Burke would be treating me that way. He also added that normally others with a similar issue have to tell their doctor to prescribe the treatment, but instead she was way ahead of the curve. Props to Dr. Burke.

"This program worked!"

(Help Your Diabetes) This program worked for me as prescribed. Dina was a great coach! It is a life style change for us and I wish I had taken a diet approach from the time I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 

David F.
"Always warm and accessible"

Marc and the rest of the staff are always warm and accessible. Marc asks me what is on my mind about my health, to include that with the professionals' opinions. Marc is a willing and articulate teacher about health care matters. He is also willing to share from his own life when invited to do so. Also efficient work from one of the assistants, I don't remember her name, in drawing blood for me. Thanks to all!